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Welcome to the BIMA events archive. Click on the event below to view a list of past speakers and event descriptions.

If you have an interesting topic that we haven’t covered yet, we would like to know about it. Please email info@bima.org with suggestions.

BIMA Geolocation3/1/2018BIMA Event
BIMA State of the State 20181/24/2018BIMA Event
BIMA Holiday Gala 201712/13/2017BIMA Event
Converged Media: Promoting Your Content Across Owned, Earned and Paid Media 11/16/2017BIMA Event
Trivia Night by TripleLift - SOLD OUT!11/2/2017BIMA Event
Evolution of "Programmatic" & the Future of Buying9/28/2017BIMA Event
BIMA Summer Sizzler 20178/3/2017BIMA Event
The Future of Data-Driven Creative6/29/2017BIMA Event
BIMA Agency Trivia Night 20175/18/2017BIMA Event
BIMA Cross Channel Tracking & Attribution4/27/2017BIMA Event
SOLD OUT! - BIMA State of the State 2017 - New Date and Location!3/15/2017BIMA Event
16th Annual BIMA Holiday Gala12/7/2016BIMA Event
BIMA Ad Fraud, Viewability, Ad Blocking, & Now Exchanges11/16/2016BIMA Event
BIMA TV 2.08/24/2016BIMA Event
2016 BIMA Summer Sizzler8/11/2016BIMA Event
Get your Sweat on Before the Sizzler, Brought to you by Spotify8/11/2016BIMA Event
Search: Forefather of Programmatic7/14/2016BIMA Event
BIMA Agency Trivia Night5/19/2016BIMA Event
BIMA Evolution of TV4/21/2016BIMA Event
BIMA State of the State: What’s Hot in 2016 for Digital Media2/25/2016BIMA Event
BIMA Head to Head1/21/2016BIMA Event
15th Annual BIMA Holiday Gala12/9/2015BIMA Event
Programmatic Media: Digital & Beyond11/12/2015BIMA Event
BIMA's 2015 Agency Trivia Night10/28/2015BIMA Event
Influence(her) - Strengths Finder Workshop10/27/2015MITX Event
FutureM 201510/6/2015MITX Event
Influence(her) - Off the Record8/20/2015MITX Event
2015 BIMA Summer Sizzler8/5/2015BIMA Event
2015 MITX Data Summit: “The Art & Science of Data”6/23/2015BIMA Event
The Future of Brand Advertising and Marketing6/18/2015BIMA Event
19th Annual MITX Awards5/14/2015MITX Event
Bots & Booze: A Spirited Conversation Amongst Humans5/7/2015BIMA Event
Get Fit with BIMA - Vélo-City - Indoor Cycling4/9/2015BIMA Event
Get Fit with BIMA - The Club By George Foreman III3/12/2015BIMA Event
2015 MITX eCommerce Summit: “The Future of Shopping”3/3/2015MITX Event
Inside the Mind: Conversations with Inspiring Leaders2/26/2015BIMA Event
State of the State: What's Hot in 2015 for Digital Media - New Date!2/12/2015BIMA Event
14th Annual BIMA Holiday Gala - REGISTRATION CLOSED12/4/2014BIMA Event
MITX Data & Analytics Summit11/13/2014BIMA Event
BIMA's Agency Trivia Night11/5/2014BIMA Event
FutureM 20149/16/2014MITX Event
To View or Not to View? The Road to Transparency in Digital Marketing8/19/2014BIMA Event
BIMA Summer Sizzler - SOLD OUT8/6/2014BIMA Event
Inside the Mind: Conversations with Inspiring Leaders 7/16/2014BIMA Event
Native Advertising3/26/2014BIMA Event
Inside the Mind: Conversations with Inspiring Leaders 2/12/2014BIMA Event
State of the State: What's Hot in 2014 for Digital Media1/23/2014BIMA Event
13th Annual BIMA Holiday Gala12/5/2013BIMA Event
Inside the Mind: Conversations with Inspiring Leaders (Round 3)11/12/2013BIMA Event
FutureM 201310/16/2013MITX Event
MITX Innovators Exchange: Food Edition9/24/2013MITX Event
BIMA Trivia Night9/17/2013BIMA Event
BIMA Cares: Havas Media Boston's Lemonade Stand9/11/2013BIMA Event
BIMA Cares Program: Greater Boston Food Bank8/19/2013BIMA Event
MediaMath’s Future Series Boston Event (Free)7/11/2013Member Event
Native Advertising: Evolution or Revolution? (Sold Out)6/25/2013BIMA Event
The Great Mobile Migration: Demystifying Mobile Marketing5/2/2013MITX Event
BIMA's Got Talent4/24/2013BIMA Event
Innovators Exchange: Music Edition4/10/2013MITX Event
Innovation Award Submissions Due 3/293/29/2013MITX Event
Inside the Mind: Conversations with Inspiring Leaders (round 2) (Registration is now closed)3/26/2013BIMA Event
Inside the Mind: Conversations With Inspiring Leaders2/26/2013BIMA Event
The New State of the State: a Debate About What's Hot for 2013 in Digital Media - SOLD OUT1/29/2013BIMA Event
12th Annual BIMA Holiday Gala11/28/2012BIMA Event
17th Annual MITX Interactive Awards Ceremony11/20/2012MITX Event
The Converged Media Imperative: Why Marketers Must Combine Paid, Owned & Earned (FutureM Event!)10/26/2012BIMA Event
FutureM10/23/2012MITX Event
BIMA-Fest9/27/2012BIMA Event
WAITLIST: 10th Annual Harbor Cruise8/15/2012BIMA Event
10th Annual Harbor Cruise SOLD OUT!8/15/2012BIMA Event
Trivia Night7/26/2012BIMA Event
Summer Solstice Shindig with wunderground.com6/21/2012BIMA Event
Behind the UpFronts6/6/2012BIMA Event
Spring Social - New Date & Location!4/19/2012BIMA Event
Bringing it Back: CES and SXSW 3/22/2012BIMA Event
Learn How to Earn RFP's and Win Media Business2/22/2012Member Event
*SOLD OUT* What’s Next – E-Commerce Summit: Building Customer Love in the Digital Age1/27/2012MITX Event
Fireside Chat with Joi Ito, the Director of the MIT Media Lab1/10/2012MITX Event
16th Annual MITX Interactive Awards12/5/2011MITX Event
11th Annual BIMA Charity Gala - SOLD OUT!12/1/2011BIMA Event
Trivia Night with BIMA10/25/2011BIMA Event
FutureM9/12/2011MITX Event
MITX 100 Beers Party8/10/2011MITX Event
9th Annual BIMA Harbor Cruise - WAITLIST STARTED 8/3/2011BIMA Event
9th Annual Harbor Cruise 8/3/2011BIMA Event
The MITX Innovation Awards6/16/2011BIMA Event
Tracking, Targeting and Data Collection: How Privacy Changes Everything6/9/2011BIMA Event
Fueling the Digital Economy’s Growth Engine5/17/2011MITX Event
12th Annual BluesSchmooze4/28/2011BIMA Event
Gamification: Level Up Your User Experience3/29/2011MITX Event
Understanding the Rapidly Evolving Mobile Landscape3/24/2011BIMA Event
BIMA’s Annual “State of the Industry” Event - Registration Closed2/10/2011BIMA Event
BIMA’s Annual “State of the Industry” Event - Waitlist Started2/10/2011BIMA Event
Fireside Chat with Joi Ito, the Director of the MIT Media Lab1/10/2011MITX Event
Meet the Marketer: Financial Services12/9/2010BIMA Event
10th Annual BIMA Charity Gala12/2/2010BIMA Event
15th Annual MITX Interactive Awards11/18/2010MITX Event
Check-In to the Present and Future of Location Based Services11/11/2010BIMA Event
Speaker Biographies - Check-In to the Present and Future of Location Based Services 11/11/2010
Sports Night11/4/2010BIMA Event
2010 Women's Leadership Forum: The Successful You10/28/2010MITX Event
BIMA’s First Annual Halloween Bash10/27/2010BIMA Event
Social Media Listening: Why Crafting Your Own Strategy is Important10/27/2010MITX Event
The Keys to Brand Transformation: Learn From Local Success Stories10/20/2010MITX Event
Cyberbrew10/7/2010MITX Event
FutureM (Oct. 4-8, 2010) - A week-long, collaborative multi-location conference10/4/2010
6th Annual Cross Media Forum – Speakers Announced!9/22/2010BIMA Event
2010 MITX Interactive Awards - Call for Entries 9/10/2010Awards Competition
8th Annual BIMA Harbor Cruise - REGISTRATION CLOSED8/4/2010BIMA Event
Save the Date: 8th Annual Harbor Cruise8/4/2010BIMA Event
8th Annual BIMA Harbor Cruise - WAITLIST STARTED8/4/2010BIMA Event
To Check-In or Not To Check-In? The Opportunities of Location Based Social Networking 7/22/2010MITX Event
Top 5 Mobile Application Strategies - MITX Digital Strategy Event7/13/2010MITX Event
Content Strategy - Understanding Context and Deciding Delivery Methods 6/24/2010MITX Event
Designing Social Experiences for Healthcare and B2B Technology Companies6/16/2010MITX Event
Facebook Open Graph - Living in a Personalized and Social Web World6/10/2010MITX Event
From Zero to Social – How to Progressively Execute Social Media Campaigns6/9/2010MITX Event
Everything You Need to Know About iPad Advertising5/26/2010BIMA Event
iPad App Strategies – Success Factors for Creating Apps on a Game Changing Platform5/25/2010MITX Event
11th Annual Blues Schmooze - WAITLIST STARTED5/13/2010BIMA Event
11th Annual Blues Schmooze5/13/2010BIMA Event
Data: Audience Buying Realized5/11/2010BIMA Event
Integrating Cross Channel Customer Experiences4/29/2010MITX Event
Making the Most of Mobile: Now and In the Future4/8/2010BIMA Event
Lessons Learned: Women’s Career Decisions In Review 3/31/2010MITX Event
Where’s My Bus? Govt 2.0 in Massachusetts & Public Data Strategies for Mobile and Social Media Professionals3/24/2010MITX Event
Time Management Skills for the Technology Savvy3/23/2010MITX Event
From the Eyes of the UK Leaders - Mobile Advancements that Drive Social Interactions & Power Mobile Use3/10/2010MITX Event
Ask the Social Media Experts: Your Opportunity to Hear Your Questions Answered3/4/2010BIMA Event
What Is the Future for Advertising Agencies?2/25/2010MITX Event
Designing iPhone Apps: It's More than Just Beautiful Coding2/19/2010MITX Event
The 2010 Digital State1/28/2010BIMA Event
What's Next for E-Commerce1/28/2010MITX Event
Uncovering the Motivation to Excel in the Workplace in Challenging Times1/27/2010MITX Event
Digital Predictions for 201012/16/2009MITX Event
A Glimpse into the Future of Advertising, Presented by BIMA's Advisory Group12/15/2009BIMA Event
9th Annual BIMA Charity Auction and Gala 12/10/2009BIMA Event
Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Connect12/3/2009MITX Event
14th Annual MITX Interactive Awards - Tickets Now on Sale11/17/2009Awards Competition
Brian Halligan "Inbound Marketing" Talk and Book Signing11/11/2009BIMA Event
Social Media Strategy Forum: Where Social Media Fits in a Paid Media Plan 11/5/2009BIMA Event
A B2B Marketer's Guide to Harnessing the Power of Digital Marketing10/27/2009MITX Event
BIMA Annual Fall Networking - Registration Now Open! 10/22/2009BIMA Event
MITX Marketing Technology Series Event - Get Relevant: The Next Generation of Website Personalization 9/29/2009MITX Event
MITX Video Series Event - Online Video Storytelling and the Social Experience9/25/2009MITX Event
5th Annual BIMA Cross Media Forum – Case Studies Include Chili's, Nikon and E*TRADE FINANCIAL9/18/2009BIMA Event
2009 MITX Interactive Awards - Call for Entries Extended Until 9/189/18/2009Awards Competition
7th Annual BIMA Harbor Cruise - WAITLIST NOW CLOSED8/5/2009BIMA Event
The Current Digital Market and the Outlook for What’s Next7/22/2009MITX Event
Is it all Fun and Games? Online Gaming as a Branding and Engagement Tool7/14/2009MITX Event
MITX Video Series Event: The Convergence of TV & Video7/8/2009MITX Event
Personal Branding - Creating Your Story7/7/2009MITX Event
Web Marketing on a Shoestring - Being Scrappy in a Down Economy with Free and Low-cost Tech 6/24/2009MITX Event
6th Annual MITX Technology Awards - Online Registration is Closed (Please Call 617.871.2155 to Reserve Your Seat) 6/16/2009Awards Competition
Radio Gone Wild: How to Leverage the Power of Digital Music 6/11/2009BIMA Event
MITX Social Media Series Event: To Tweet or Not to Tweet6/10/2009MITX Event
MITX Special Event: Employee Related Risks Exposures - Best Practices for Businesses to Mitigate the Risk5/28/2009MITX Event
Holland-Mark First 100 Beers Open House 5/21/2009Member Event
MITX User Experience Series: How to Show the ROI of User Experience5/19/2009MITX Event
Ad Network and Exchange Road Show5/7/2009Member Event
MITX Digital Strategy Series: Who Owns Data?4/30/2009MITX Event
The Digital Combine: The Next Generation Employer and Talent Showcase4/28/2009MITX Event
10th Annual Blues Schmooze Presented by Boston.com 4/23/2009BIMA Event
MITX Special Event: iPhone Apps and the AppStore - How to Succeed on this Revolutionary Platform - [WAITLIST STARTED]4/22/2009MITX Event
MITX Mobile Series: The Challenges and Opportunities of Mobile Analytics4/9/2009MITX Event
MITX Marketing Technology Series: Measurement 2.0 - How to Tell the Full Digital Story - WAITLIST STARTED3/24/2009MITX Event
MITX User Experience Series: User Experience - How it’s Changed and Why it’s Important3/19/2009MITX Event
How Obama put Digital Technology and Social Media to Work for Him – and How You Can Too2/26/2009MITX Event
The Evolution of a Social Media Strategy - Sold Out2/24/2009MITX Event
BIMA's Agency Shoot-out - Sold Out2/18/2009
Total Internship Management Workshop and Networking Event1/29/2009
The 2009 Digital State - Sold Out1/22/2009
Tech Industry Internships 101 Webinar in Conjunction with Intern Bridge1/16/2009Webinar
Post-Click Power Breakfast--Outsmart Your Competition Online1/15/2009Member Event
Video Series: Planning Your Online Video Strategy for 200912/17/2008MITX Event
FREE MITX Digital Strategy Series Event: Using Digital in a Downturn – Trends & Lessons Learned12/9/2008MITX Event
BIMA and Microsoft Advertising Charity Gala - Sold Out12/4/2008BIMA Event
13th Annual MITX Interactive Awards Ceremony - Sold Out11/19/2008MITX Event
MITX Mobile Series: How Will the Future of the Internet and Wireless Networks Drive Digital Media?11/13/2008MITX Event
BIMA Annual Fall Networking - SOLD OUT11/6/2008BIMA Event
BtoB NetMarketing Breakfast Series - Boston 10/30/2008
MITX Marketing Technology Event: The Building Blocks of Social Media10/28/2008MITX Event
MITX Mobile Around the World Networking Reception - New Speakers!10/22/2008MITX Event
4th Annual Cross Media Forum - Speakers Announced!9/25/2008BIMA Event
YouTube - How Marketers are Leveraging the Phenomenon9/19/2008Member Event
MITX Digital Strategy Series: How To Measure Brand Impact Online9/18/2008MITX Event
MITX Video Series: The Ins and Outs of Making Money from Online Video9/17/2008BIMA Event
MITX Awards - Call for Entries!9/5/2008Awards Competition
6th Annual BIMA Harbor Cruise - SOLD OUT8/6/2008BIMA Event
BIMA Educational Series: Branded Entertainment7/17/2008BIMA Event
MITX Social Media: Using Blogs, Podcasts, Message Boards and Facebook7/15/2008MITX Event
MITX Marketing Technology: Achieving Digital Campaign Optimization Nirvana7/9/2008MITX Event
Maximize Your Professional Impact: Create and Deliver Your Personal Elevator Pitch6/12/2008MITX Event
MarketingProfs Business-to-Business Forum 20086/9/2008Member Event
MITX Video Series: Strategies for Driving Audiences to Your Online Video Content5/22/2008MITX Event
Special Event: Digital Outlook Report 2008 - Sold Out!5/20/2008MITX Event
The Changing Face of Search5/13/2008MITX Event
Laredo Group Interactive Advertising & Media Training4/28/2008BIMA Event
9th Annual Blues Schmooze Presented by Boston.com - FULL4/24/2008BIMA Event
Building Social Applications & Widgets for Top Platforms - Sold Out!4/15/2008MITX Event
Mobile Advertising: Personalized Messages in the Palm of your Hand 3/27/2008BIMA Event
MITX Customer Engagement Series: Engagement with In-Game Advertising3/27/2008MITX Event
MITX Marketing Technology Series: Email Marketing, RSS and the Next Frontier of Content Delivery3/25/2008MITX Event
3rd Annual Interactive Industry Career Fair3/5/2008MITX Event
BIMA Shoot Out: 3rd Annual Agency Shoot Out - SOLD OUT!2/21/2008BIMA Event
MITX and Boston.com present "Internet Video: What's Next" - SOLD OUT!2/12/2008MITX Event
The 2008 Digital State - SOLD OUT1/24/2008BIMA Event
Special Event: MITX/K&L Gates Series - Seeding Your Web 2.0 Company1/22/2008MITX Event
Marketing Technology Series: Web Content Management and the Expanding e-Marketer’s Toolbox12/12/2007MITX Event
Digital Marketing Series: Serious Games for Marketing12/7/2007MITX Event
7th Annual MDAS/BIMA Charity Gala & Holiday Party - REGISTRATION CLOSED11/29/2007Member Event
Mobile Social Networking11/13/2007MITX Event
12th Annual MITX Awards Ceremony11/8/2007MITX Event
BIMA Fall Networking - REGISTRATION CLOSED10/25/2007Member Event
BIMA Shoot Out: 2nd Annual Ad Networks Shoot Out10/11/2007BIMA Event
What’s Next. Mobile: What Does the Consumer Want?10/3/2007MITX Event
Marketing Technology Series: The Challenges of Measurement and Analytics 9/20/2007MITX Event
3rd Annual Cross Media Forum 9/18/2007BIMA Event
5th Annual BIMA Harbor Cruise - SOLD OUT!8/8/2007BIMA Event
Desktop Applications, Screen Mates, Widgets, Gadgets, Modules, Oh My!!!7/19/2007MITX Event
Keys to Marketing Success in a Fragmented Media World7/17/2007MITX Event
Business Technology Marketing: MarketingSherpa Research on Benchmarks and Trends6/26/2007
Think Globally, Act Locally: Executing Successful Local Digital Advertising6/21/2007BIMA Event
The 2007 Ad Club Media Auction 6/15/2007Member Event
Laredo Group “How-To” Courses6/13/2007Member Event
Special Event: Social Media Platforms For Your Marketing Solutions5/15/2007MITX Event
8th Annual Blues Schmooze Presented by Boston.com - SOLD OUT!4/26/2007BIMA Event
Dissecting Numa Numa | A Critical Analysis of Viral Video Content4/26/2007MITX Event
Special Event: Technologies to Deliver Contextualized Mobile Marketing Messages4/25/2007MITX Event
Eyeballs Series: Alternatives to "Traditional" Online Media...What???4/12/2007MITX Event
Special Event: Ad Serving: What’s Next In Third Generation Ad Serving Technologies? 3/27/2007MITX Event
Special Event: Introducing MITX University at Bentley Design & Usability Center3/21/2007MITX Event
The Ad Club Symposium 2007: The Leaders of the Marketing Revolution 3/14/2007
BIMA 2nd Annual Interactive Industry Career Fair - Register Now!3/1/2007BIMA Event
What's NOW in Mobile: The Capability of Today's Wireless World2/27/2007MITX Event
BIMA Shoot Out: 2nd Annual Agency Shoot Out2/15/2007BIMA Event
Eyeballs: The 2007 Digital State 1/25/2007BIMA Event
Special Event: The New Face of Data Driven Marketing: Letting Customers Take Control12/14/2006
BIMA Shoot Out: Search Engine Marketing12/7/2006BIMA Event
Special Event: Get a "Second Life": Exploring the 3D World 12/6/2006
Special Event: Legal Boundaries of Online Marketing: What Every Marketer Should Know12/5/2006
6th Annual Holiday Charity Gala brought to you by BIMA & Microsoft - Registration Closed11/30/2006BIMA Event
Special Event: 11th Annual MITX Awards Ceremony11/8/2006Awards Competition
Roundtable: Engaging the Gen Y / Millennial Market10/26/2006
BIMA Annual Fall Networking Event10/19/2006BIMA Event
What's Next Series: Personal Broadband & Mobile Applications 10/11/2006MITX Event
Eyeballs: Is Rich Media Dead In A Broadband World?9/28/2006BIMA Event
Special Event: Creating the Most Effective Online Customer Experience9/26/2006MITX Event
2nd Annual Cross Media Forum9/20/2006BIMA Event
Call for Entries Deadline for BIMA Categories9/7/2006Awards Competition
Digital Lobby: Improving Customer Engagement Online8/18/2006Webinar
4th Annual BIMA/Google Harbor Cruise8/9/2006BIMA Event
Digital Marketing Series: The Future of Television7/11/2006MITX Event
Eyeballs Series: Next Generation of Search Engine Marketing6/15/2006MITX Event