Marketing Technology Series: Web Content Management and the Expanding e-Marketer’s Toolbox
Dates: December 12, 2007
Times: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: UK Trade and Invest, One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA
Event Type: MITX Event

Moderator: David Aponovich, Content Management Strategist, ISITE Design
Panelists to Date: Bill Cava, CTO, Ektron Inc.; Brian Halligan, CEO and Founder, HubSpot; Seth Miller, Founder & CEO, Miller Systems, Inc.; Tony White, Web Content Management Analyst, The Gilbane Group; Russell “Rusty” Williams, VP, Marketing and Business Development, Prospero Technologies

Of all the tools in the online marketers’ toolbox, web content management software (CMS) likely is the most versatile – and possibly the most misunderstood.

CMS has evolved as a powerful hub for web marketing and as a site-creation platform for interactive agencies, with integrated tools to handle blogs, forums, social networks, web collaboration – a full set of site management tools. At the same time, CMS is often embraced as a silver bullet that, by itself, will solve myriad web challenges, leading to frequent expectation and performance gaps when no plan or process exists.

Coming in from behind, a crop of upstart web software vendors deliver solutions that complement CMS or challenge the status quo. They offer marketers nimble options for specific website needs, but can cause confusion as to the best approach. 
So what’s the right tool for marketers who need to create persuasive web content, adopt social media strategies, improve search engine rankings, or increase conversions?

This MITX event will focus on what’s hot in CMS technology and emerging tools that enable web marketers to run more effective and compelling sites. Expert voices from the vendor, analyst and end-user community will participate in an active discussion about trends and successes, separate reality vs. fiction, and clarify the often murky market for website software.

Topic Areas include:

  • What is Web CMS? And what can (and can’t) it do for online marketers?
  • What features can you expect and what are the benefits to you?
  • What are some examples of next-generation website tools?
  • How does CMS and other tools interact in today’s website ecosystem?
  • Trends in content production vs. content delivery
  • New tools, new technologies – how to decide?

Join us for the fourth installment of MITX’s Marketing Technology Series, which is designed to explore the platforms, systems and infrastructures that allow marketers to execute effectually. We will emphasize how these technologies help to improve customer understanding, marketing execution, team productivity and accountability.

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Fees: Members: $35 Non-members: $70
Registration: Deadline: December 12, 2007 at 8:00 AM