Dissecting Numa Numa | A Critical Analysis of Viral Video Content
Dates: April 26, 2007
Times: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: MBC, One Cambridge Center, 9th Floor, Cambridge
Event Type: MITX Event
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Panelists: Jeffrey Bardzell, PhD, Assistant Professor, Indiana University School of Informatics; Jeremi Karnell, President, One to One Interactive; Dr. Carl Marci, Chief Science Officer, Innerscope Research

One of the hottest word-of-mouth tactics in the last year has been viral video - create a clever enough video and it can reach a Super Bowl ad-sized audience for a fraction of the cost.  The trick is creating a video engaging enough to “go viral”, i.e., induce viewers to forward it to their friends.

This special MITX Digital Marketing session will peel away the layers of the now world famous Numa Numa viral footage, to help uncover the underpinnings of a successful word-of-mouth execution.   The session specifically will explore the footage’s origins, aesthetics, cultural references, neurological engagement metrics, and overall buzz metrics to help identify if there is a specific signature to architecting content that is best suited for viral distribution.  Join Jeremi Karnell, President of One to One Interactive, Jeffrey Bardzell, PhD. Assistant Professor of HCI/Design and new media at the School of Informatics in Indiana University, and Dr. Carl Marci, Chief Science Office Innerscope Research as they present this timely and insightful analysis.

The Digital Marketing Series, developed by MITX and One to One Interactive, addresses current and emerging internet enabled technology platforms and their application to enterprise marketing and communication efforts.

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