Special Event: The New Face of Data Driven Marketing: Letting Customers Take Control
Dates: December 14, 2006
Times: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: Foley Hoag, Bay Colony Corporate Center, 1000 Winter Street, Suite 4000, Waltham

Moderator: Frances Grigsby, Founder and Managing Principal, Next Level International
Panelists to Date: Stephen DiMarco, Vice President of Marketing and Client Services, Compete, Inc.; Mitchell Kramer, Senior Vice President, Senior Consultant/Analyst, Patricia Seybold Group; Carol Meyers, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Unica Corporation

Today, media choices and fragmentation are more complex than ever and consumers have control of the type and amount of marketing they receive.  How are innovative marketers navigating these powerful trends to engage hard to reach customers with marketing that is relevant and effective? How do they understand individual customers’ needs, motivations, buying processes and behavior and use that insight to achieve the best possible benefit? How are they delivering marketing that is personalized not just in content but by channel and timing to hundreds or even millions of individual customers?

Join us to learn:

  • Maximizing benefits from data collected by using it to uncover critical customer insights (data mining, test marketing, list generation and channel choice)
  • Techniques for assessing data value and quality
  • Innovative ways to engage customers and allow them to impact your marketing

Expert industry practitioners will share their secrets for effectively using data-driven marketing.


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Fees: Members: $35.00 Non-members: $70.00
Registration: Deadline: December 13, 2006 at 3:30 PM