Special Event: Get a "Second Life": Exploring the 3D World
Dates: December 06, 2006
Times: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: Fidelity Investments, 245 Summer Street, Boston
Event Sponsor:

One to One Interactive


Panelist to Date: Jeffrey Bardzell, PhD, Human-Computer Interaction Design Program, Indiana University School of Informatics; Shaowen Bardzell, PhD, Department of Kinesiology, Indiana University; C.C. Chapman, Vice President New Marketing, Crayon; Rick Murray, President, Me2Revolution @ Edelman; Reuben Steiger, CEO, Millions of Us; Ilya Vedrashko, Emerging Media, Hill Holliday

You can't pick up a business publication or be in the company of trendspotters/forward-thinking marketing professionals without hearing about the Second Life virtual world/metaverse.  Second Life and other similar platforms offer marketers an opportunity to provide players and inhabitants of 3-D worlds experiences that add realism, fun, and engagement to their time online.  Brands such as Starwood, American Apparel, and Scion have already established a notable presence.  At the same time, marketers who enter this environment driven by blatant self promotion or without understanding the needs of the community do so at their own peril.  This panel of experts will explore the emerging metaverse trend and best practices for marketers who wish to participate.


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Registration: Deadline: December 5, 2006 at 1:30 PM