Inside the Mind: Conversations with Inspiring Leaders
Dates: February 12, 2014
Times: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: District Hall - 75 Northern Ave., Boston, MA, 02210
Event Type: BIMA Event
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Behind every successful professional are a variety of little stories. The humble beginnings. The wins and losses. That breakthrough moment! And all the funny, crazy, inspiring, sad, shocking, and interesting things that happened in between. That's where we come in...

BIMA is proud to present "Inside The Mind," a series of intimate discussions that will bring the amazing stories of some of the most influential figures in the industry to life!

Join us on February 12th when we continue this series with Joe Grimaldi, Chairman of Mullen, and Marty St. George, SVP of Marketing & Commercial for JetBlue Airways.


Joe Grimaldi - Chairman, Mullen

Joe is Chairman of Mullen, a leading interdisciplinary agency whose clients include the likes of JetBlue, Zappos, Swiss Army, Panera, Alberto Culver, BASF, Olympus, Stop & Shop, SC Johnson, and Timberland among others.

Joe was one of the original partners at Mullen, joining the firm 27 years ago when it had 10 employees and didn't make the top 50 agencies in New England. No stranger to change and transformation, Joe has led Mullen through numerous economic booms and implosions as well as dramatic transformations in the advertising industry, rebuilding the agency after a devastating fire, then rebuilding it after losing 50% of his business in one year, selling the company to the Interpublic Group, expanding to multiple offices, and moving the agency headquarters to Boston after 40 years on the North Shore. Throughout, he has championed and evolved a strong and distinguishing company culture that is its engine for success.

Marty St. George - SVP, Marketing & Commercial, JetBlue Airways

Marty leads JetBlue’s marketing team, which includes (among other areas) its advertising, e-commerce, product and loyalty strategies.

Marty joined JetBlue as leader of the network strategy team in 2006 and moved to marketing in 2009. While at JetBlue, he has experienced profits, losses, ice storms, and growth to over 20 new destinations in 10 new countries – but he is proudest of the fact that JetBlue has won 8 consecutive JD Power Awards for best domestic airline in North America. Prior to joining JetBlue, Marty held various marketing, network and strategy positions at both United Airlines and US Airways. He is a native of Boston and has a degree in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Although he is based in New York City he remains a rabid Red Sox and Bruins fan.


Debi Kleiman - President, MITX

Debi is currently the President of the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange, the parent organization of BIMA. She also serves as the Director of BIMA, running BIMA's day-to-day operations. Prior to joining MITX, Debi was vice president, product marketing & sales operations at Communispace Corporation, the pioneer of online customer insight communities working with many of the world’s leading brands.

Prior to Communispace, Debi was with the Oral-B Division of P&G leading a team responsible for a $50 million new product launch. Before that, she held marketing management positions at Welch’s,, the Coca-Cola Company and Burlington Industries. Debi received an M.B.A. in general management and marketing from Harvard Business School, and a B.S. in organizational behavior from Cornell University.

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