Bringing it Back: CES and SXSW
Dates: March 22, 2012
Times: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Location: UK Trade & Investment, 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA
Event Type: BIMA Event
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We bet you'd love to have attended every event at CES and be in Austin right now experiencing all of the information coming out of SXSW Interactive. Unfortunately, not everyone in digital media or interested in digital media can make the trek to Las Vegas or Austin, but annually both events pump out a wealth of product announcements and information that you need to know about to understand where the industry is going. For those of you who haven't been able to get out from behind your desks we've created Bringing it Back: CES & SXSW. This lively panel discussion will outline the major technology and creative/design announcements and highlights from both of these events, and help you apply them to your job - and it's happening right here in Boston!

Meet our awesome moderator and panelists:

The Moderator:

  • David Shing, Digital Prophet, AOL (@shingy)

The Panelists:

  • Steve Brennan, Senior Vice President, Technology & Production, Digital Influence Group (@stevenbrennan)
  • Mike Schneider, Senior Vice President, Director Digital Incubator, Allen & Gerritsen(@schneidermike)
  • Jim Barry, Spokesman at CEA and Owner, JMBarry
  • Adam Kasper, EVP, Digital Investments, HAVAS Digital(@adamfkasper)

Who should attend:
Anyone in the digital media space or interested in digital media that wasn’t able to make it to CES or SXSW.

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Fees: Members: $35 Non-members: $70