Fireside Chat with Joi Ito, the Director of the MIT Media Lab
Dates: January 10, 2012
Times: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: British Consulate - 1 Broadway Fl 7, Cambridge MA
Event Type: MITX Event


Join MITX for their first event of the year: a Fireside Chat with Joi Ito, the new Director of the MIT Media Lab.  Moderated by Larry Weber (Co-Founder of MITX and Chairman of W2 Group), this one-on-one conversation will reveal Joi's, and the MIT Media Lab's, view on the convergence of social, design and mobility in creating impactful innovations.

A well-known thinker, venture capitalist and Internet entrepreneur, Joi recently took over the MIT Media Lab as its fourth Director.  Joi’s vision for the Lab merges the East Coast’s long term focus with the West Coast’s agile approaches, building the Lab into a place to “build stuff” that has long-term, powerful effects.  

While the Media Lab is already known for its multidisciplinary-based research, Joi’s expertise in connecting the dots and providing context and connections will take the Lab’s research to a level never seen before. If the past 25 years of the Media Lab’s research has resulted in such products as the e-ink that powers today’s tablet readers, the first powered ankle-foot prosthesis and the One Laptop Per Child computer, imagine the impact Joi’s leadership and vision will have on the next 25 years. 

Join MITX on January 10th to hear Joi’s view on the next wave of innovation and how his agile, long-term, multidisciplinary approach to building solutions can be applied everywhere and anywhere.

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