MITX 100 Beers Party
Dates: August 10, 2011
Times: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Location: Foundation Room, the House of Blues
Event Type: MITX Event

Boston is world-renowned for its innovation, and that means it's full of innovative people (like you!). And, because of people like you, we created FutureM to showcase Boston as the hub of modern marketing and innovation.

We will continue to grow, prosper, and make other cities jealous if we work together as a community; and that means supporting each other... and drinking beer together? Join us at our next 100 Beers party to do all of that and more!

The first MITX 100 Beers party was a smashing success, and this time there will be more beer and more fun, including:

a band-jam of industry leaders - and really, who wouldn't want to see their boss rocking out on the guitar?

a FutureM preview with some sneak peeks for the Boston crowd only!

and of course, we're buying the first 100 beers to start the night off right (but we need you to help us drink them).

Join us at the Foundation Room at the House of Blues to mingle with fun people from tech, marketing, start-ups, dumpsters... just kidding, not that last one. There will be music and beer and music and conversation and music and talking and beer.

Register here:

The event is going to sell out faster than a cheetah chasing an antelope across a moving sidewalk, so you better get your ticket now! And if that's not enough, we'll send you a discount code for 20% off a FutureM pass just for registering for 100 Beers!

Don't forget to join the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #MITX100Beers.

Interested in sponsoring this event or participating in the band-jam?

Email us at and we'll connect you with the right MITX'er to chat with!

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