FutureM (Oct. 4-8, 2010) - A week-long, collaborative multi-location conference
Dates: October 04, 2010

FutureM – What’s New and What’s Next In Marketing

FutureM is a first-ever week long, collaborative multi-location conference offering participants the opportunity to tap into the freshest thinkers in marketing, media and technology. Leading innovators will come together throughout the week to share and explore how the newest technologies and insights are changing the way marketers think, create, engage, and measure.

Insight & Inspiration about What’s New and What’s Next in Marketing.
The inspiration for FutureM came from another important “M”: Massachusetts. Massachusetts is home to some of the world’s top marketing thinkers; our technologists are building leading platforms in video, mobile and social media; we’re rich in analytic experts; leaders in user experience; and pioneers in online communities. Add to that an intelligent workforce and a rich pipeline of upcoming leaders in our schools. There’s no better place for FutureM to begin.

Created by MITX and a group of leading thinkers in marketing & media, FutureM is a collective effort. Its hosts are all interested individuals, companies, organizations, venture firms, university groups and clubs who organize marketing related events during the week.

Play a role in creating the avenue of the next century – be a part of FutureM. Go to futurem.org to learn more about sponsorship, event, and volunteer opportunities. 

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