Integrating Cross Channel Customer Experiences
Dates: April 29, 2010
Times: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: UK Trade and Invest - 1 Broadway Floor 7, Cambridge MA
Event Type: MITX Event

Speakers to-date:

As digital channels continue to fragment, integrating customer experiences across all online touchpoints has grown more complex - yet more important than ever.*   It's no longer just about creating optimal engagement on your website; while today's default Web platform is still (barely) a browser on a computer, the growth of mobile devices has changed - and will continue to change - the ways in which customers consume online content and interact with  your brand.  Further, customer experience can no longer be just "good enough"; because social media has created an open forum for communication and feedback with brands, a customer experience is a knife-edge walk that can cut significantly for -- or against -- the firm that provides it.

Join this MITX Customer Experience Series, as we explore the integration of mobile, social media and online channels to create optimal customer experiences.  Our panel of cross channel experts will discuss:

  • What their company is doing to integrate customer experiences across multiple channels?
  • What in their experience is the most effective way for mobile, social media and web presences to work together?
  • What customer behaviors are important to understand for putting together a strategy for these channels?  
  • What are the challenges of cross channel integration? What are the recommended solutions?
  • How can you get every company department that is involved in customer experience to work together and communicate?
  • What are the analytic and reporting challenges that emerge when you take a cross-channel perspective?

Companies who focus on customer experience see dramatic increases in customer loyalty and in their annual revenue (according to Forrester Research*) so don't miss this event.   This MITX Customer Experience event is for anyone interested, and responsible, for creating optimal experiences and engagements for your customers.  In particular, this session will appeal to senior management, user experience and design experts, and anyone involved in online testing and analysis for mobile, social media and website channels.

* According to Forrester Research, companies who focus on customer experience have an advantage in their customers' willingness to buy, likelihood to recommend the company and reluctance to switch to a competitor.  Further, Forrester estimated companies who make customer experience improvements can experience annual revenue gains ranging from $177 million to $311 million.
Forrester Research, "Customer Experience Boosts Revenue" report;  June 22, 2009

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