5th Annual BIMA Cross Media Forum – Case Studies Include Chili's, Nikon and E*TRADE FINANCIAL
Dates: September 18, 2009
Times: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: The Seaport Hotel - 1 Seaport Boulevard, Boston, MA
Event Type: BIMA Event
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5th Annual BIMA Cross Media Forum – Hill Holliday/Chili's, Isobar/Nikon and E*TRADE FINANCIAL Presenting!

Today's Feature Case Study: Nikon usa - creating timeIsobar will present a case study about steps it took with Nikon Inc to help the imaging company reconnect with consumers in the age of digital photography through a digital focused approach. The company was facing a host of old and new competitors selling digital cameras to consumers, and with the industry transforming from a chemical process to one of digits,  Nikon needed to preserve its leadership position with the pros while inviting new consumers to experience the value of Nikon’s superior optics and engineering. This case study will illustrate a consumer-centric approach to creating time between Nikon and its target market, delivering a new approach to  discovering the craft of photography and the tools needed including points on: how consumer insights uncovered new opportunities, the long-term digital approach and plan, and measurements of success against the original challenge.

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    • Joseph Nunziante - Associate Media Director, Spark Communications
    • Craig Shiffrin - Senior Manager, Marketing, E*TRADE FINANCIAL Corp.
  • Nikon
    • Darryl Gehley - Executive Vice President, Isobar North America
  • Chili's P.J. Bland's
    • Mike Proulx – Vice President, Interactive Marketing, Hill Holliday
    • Steve Bagdasarian - Interactive Marketing Strategist, Hill Holday
Moderator: Shar VanBoskirk - VP/Principal Analyst, Forrester

In the ever-changing and increasingly fragmented media environment, marketers must develop multi-platform advertising strategies to effectively reach their target markets.  The BIMA Cross Media Forum was created to bring together leading agencies, marketers and publishers to have an open dialogue on the challenges, successes and realities of executing across multi-media platforms.  

Now in its fifth year, this half day forum will offer actionable, solution-oriented recommendations for planning, creating, implementing and measuring successful cross media programs. This breakfast event will include one keynote address and three case studies.  

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