MITX Video Series Event: The Convergence of TV & Video
Dates: July 08, 2009
Times: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: Microsoft, 1 Memorial Drive, Boston MA
Event Type: MITX Event

The Convergence of TV & Video - Digital Marketing & the New Video Ecosystem

Keith Johnston, Integrated Executive Producer, Experience Strategy

Speakers: Adam Kasper - SVP/Director of Digital Media, MPG/Media Contacts; Mark Marvel, Senior Director of Video Monetization,; Chris Pape, Chief Creative Officer, Genuine Interactive

As video consumption converges with the internet, television and mobile devices, a new breed of consumer behavior is growing.  The idea of instant access and choices all the time is standard, something the cable box aspired to be with its massive amounts of channels and 24 hour programming. The questions are now how do we plan for, design and navigate some of the potential pitfalls of human choice, such as the DVR, but take advantage of all the new opportunities to engage the audiences from a marketing and branding perspective.  And, as with any dramatic change in market structures – there will be winners and losers as a result of a monumental shift in the business paradigms. 

Who will be the true benefactors in this new video ecosystem and how can marketers take advantage of this trend? Perhaps this is less about the internet and more about the next generation of television… Key discussion points will include:

• How big is this market exactly?  How quickly is it growing?
• How can video enhance the web site experience?  Motion media in the next generation of web sites is here to stay. But what should this look like for marketing versus the obvious advantages to branding and entertainment?
• Are users changing from readers to watchers?
• What is the truth about online video ad metrics versus the traditional TV format?
• How have our expectations for the quality of online content evolved? Or have they?
• Are traditional television networks finally embracing this new form of distribution?
• Will Google ultimately be the next big TV network?

Join us for our next event in the MITX Video Series, an educational panel discussion designed to explore the potential for marketing with the recent convergence of TV & video.  In this session, the focus will be on ways to enhance user experiences with web sites and engage them through the use of video.

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