Radio Gone Wild: How to Leverage the Power of Digital Music
Dates: June 11, 2009
Times: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: Hill Holliday, 53 State Street, Boston, MA (Floor 35, Red & Ted Room)
Event Type: BIMA Event
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BIMA Educational Event: Radio Gone Wild - How to Leverage the Power of Digital Music. What You Need to Know to Succeed

Moderator: Michael Nicholas - EVP, Director of Innovation, Carat USA 

Speakers:  Jeff Alter - Senior Sales Development Manager, AOL Music; Ian Fitzpatrick - Partner, Almighty; Jim Lucchese - CEO, The Echo Nest; Patrick Reynolds - Senior VP, Ando Media;  Tim Westergren - Founder, Pandora

Music permeates our life. And technology continues to evolve, making it even easier to access, share and collect music. Internet radio, born in the mid-90s has made this channel pervasive once again with the advent of HD, satellite and all the many streaming solutions such as Pandora, iTunes and MySpace. Options are multiplying and platforms changing or even morphing, making it even more challenging to stay on top of it all. So now how can a marketer take advantage of this medium?

Pandora and other Digital Music pioneers have developed unique advertising strategies for some the world’s leading brands.  Hear from industry leaders what has worked and what hasn’t, and how today’s and tomorrow’s changes will affect advertisers and brands.

Key discussion points include:

  1. What have advertisers done to leverage the power of music?
    1. Case studies: Hear examples of how marketers have leveraged music as a vehicle for 
      brand engagement
    2. Using music as a tool to target consumers within the context of an online experience.
    3. Messaging – What messages work, how do they change with different platforms, and 
      how to leverage the platform without seeing intrusive or out of place advertisements or brand affiliations
  2. Understanding platforms: What are the platforms?  How do they vary? What you should know?
  3. Knowing the legal considerations & digital rights models:  How do they affect you? What do you have to do when you want to use a song in your promotions or advertising? How will the current changes in royalty rates and music models affect the way users consume music, and thus the associated ads?Why are certain models failing?
  4. The future of digital entertainment, as it relates to music: How is it evolving? Can it evolve? Can mobile play a role? How do tools like Shazaam (the popular iPhone app) and Pandora enhance the experience and expand the opportunities for media?

Join BIMA for its first-ever exploration of how the world of music and advertising are intertwined, and hear industry experts talk about the challenges and successes.

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