MITX User Experience Series: How to Show the ROI of User Experience
Dates: May 19, 2009
Times: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: Digitas, 33 Arch Street, Boston MA
Event Type: MITX Event

MITX User Experience Series: How to Show the ROI of User Experience  

Speakers: Ashley Annis - Director of User Experience, Bridgeline Software, Inc.; Margot Bloomstein - Senior User Experience Lead, ISITE Design; Amy Cueva - Founder and Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow; Dustin DiTommaso - Experience and Interactive Design Consultant

How can you show your clients the ROI of UX design in a campaign?  And how can you stress its’ importance in driving ROI? What do you do if you need to evangelize UX within your organization?  Don't miss the next event in the MITX User Experience series to learn the tips and tricks to building a case for UX. The session will be a series of 10 minutes talks, each followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. There may be time for general discussion at the end.

Join this session and you’ll learn about:

The Business Value of Experience Design
In cases where user experience is not understood or valued within the organization, the business value and connection to the company’s strategic roadmap may not be clear, and amongst the company’s deep list of priorities, user experience is not a focus.   Learn how to overcome this challenge.

Linking Business Objectives with Experience Design
If user centered design is brought to bear against what the organization is trying to achieve, the implications to the experience can include: higher conversion and lead generation; higher customer engagement; more awareness and traffic; higher satisfaction and retention, through better adoption and utilization; and internal resource optimization. Hear how you can link business objectives with experience design.

Telling the Story – Building the Case
The initiatives on the roadmap can be prioritized based upon impact to the user, relative impact to the business, and cost associated with design and implementation. Usually with some investigation, business goals can be tied to something measurable and in some cases a dollar value can be estimated.  How do you build a case that demonstrates this?

Ongoing Evangelism
Customer centricity and dedication to user experience are not so easily institutionalized. A person or a team will need to dedicate itself to consistently tying positive experiences to the realization of business objectives. What steps can be taken to optimize ongoing evangelism?  

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