MITX Marketing Technology Series: Measurement 2.0 - How to Tell the Full Digital Story - WAITLIST STARTED
Dates: March 24, 2009
Times: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: Google, 5 Cambridge Center, Floor 3, Cambridge MA
Event Type: MITX Event

MITX Marketing Technology Series: Measurement 2.0 - How to Tell the Full Digital Story

Moderator:  Charlie Ballard, Manager, Measurement & Analytics, One to One Interactive

Panelists to-date: Paul Botto, Head of Google Analytics Sales, Google; Matt Cutler, Vice President of Marketing & Analytics, Visible Measures; Perry Hewitt, VP Marketing, Crimson Hexagon; Morris Martin, Analyst, Microsoft's Atlas Institute; Michael Schneider, Vice President & Director of Contributions, Allen & Gerritsen

Defining the new (and changing) measurement paradigm.

In a year where measureable results are more important than ever, a universal approach is needed that incorporates all mediums and all components of the full digital picture.   Of particular interest is how marketers are performing analysis of their conversion or attribution model past the traditional methodology, where credit goes to the tactic which drove the last click.

Hear from a panel of technologists and practioners whose tools and strategies represent a unique perspective on measuring digital campaigns; they’ll discuss their perspectives on a new measurement paradigm, incorporating  the complete story of how one media affects another, when to increase budget for certain mediums and how to incorporate feedback received through social and rich media.

Questions that will be answered include:

  • What is each panelist’s perspective on how to tell the full digital story?   
  •  How can the audience incorporate each panelist’s perspective into a universal approach to measurement and analytics?
  • What other information does the Boston interactive community need in order to create a standard measurement paradigm that can be used amongst all members of the internet and digital marketing community?
  • How should feedback from social and rich media be incorporated with traditional analytics?
  • Where should measurement start? When should other channels be incorporated?
  • When do you have enough information for the results to be helpful?

Don’t miss this first installment of MITX’s Marketing Technology Series, an educational series designed to explore the platforms, systems and infrastructures that allow marketers to execute effectually.  In this session, the emphasis is on measurement technologies that can be used to create a full metric-based digital story.

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