MITX Video Series: Strategies for Driving Audiences to Your Online Video Content
Dates: May 22, 2008
Times: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Location: Fidelity Investments, 245 Summer Street, 14th Floor, Boston
Event Type: MITX Event
Event Sponsor:

Series Sponsor: PermissionTV

Moderator: Will Richmond, President, Broadband Directions, LLC
Panelists: Murali Aravamudan, CEO/Founder, Veveo; Michael Kolowich, CEO/Founder, DigiNovations; Bob Lentz, CEO, PermissionTV; Brian Shin, CEO/Founder, Visible Measures; Tom Wilde, CEO, EveryZing

Join us for the second event in our video series: “Driving Audiences to Online Video Content: Strategies for Success in a Crowded Market.” 

If you plan to invest and launch online video content, one of the first questions you must answer is “How will it attract an audience?”   Whether your video is to entertain or to bolster your brand, making it easily discoverable and widely used is critical to successfully using video.

In this panel discussion, you'll learn from experts on today's best practices, and you'll see concrete examples of effective video content.  During the discussion, the following questions will be answered:

 - How are users discovering, navigating and searching for online video content?
 - How does their behavior lead some videos to become viral hits while others languish?
 - What tools are available to you for getting the right audience to your video at the right time?
 - What sets online video advertising apart from other Web-based initiatives?
 - What are the pitfalls to online video?
 - What are marketers' key concerns with online video and how do you overcome them?
 - How do you incorporate video into a larger marketing strategy and measure for success?

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Fees: Members: $35 Non-members: $70
Registration: Deadline: May 21, 2008 at 12:00 PM