Laredo Group Interactive Advertising & Media Training
Dates: April 28, 2008
Times: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Location: The Hilton Boston Back Bay
Event Type: BIMA Event
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The Laredo Group offers the most effective and well-received training in the online media industry for media publishers and sales reps, media planners and buyers, agency account management and executives, marketing professionals, managers and executives. Over 18,000 professionals have taken Laredo Group courses, giving rave reviews and, more importantly, testament to the immediate increase in sales, revenues and/or productivity that they and their colleagues realized after participating in Laredo Group training.  Courses offered include Intelligent Selling of Internet Advertising Track, Planning & Buying of Internet Media Track, and Digital & Interactive Marketing

April 28-29, The Hilton Boston Back Bay

April 28-Intelligent Selling of Internet Advertising-Level I
April 29-Intelligent Selling of Internet Advertising-Level II
April 28-Intelligent Planning & Buying of Interactive Media-Level I
April 29-Intelligent Planning & Buying of Interactive Media-Level II

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All Laredo Group Courses are non-technical, stand-alone courses and designed to enable students to immediately understand and engage in interactive digital media and marketing. While you are not required to take Level I or II courses prior to taking other upper-level courses, Level I and II courses are designed as lead-ins to ensure you have mastered the basics.

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Registration: Deadline: April 26, 2008 at 12:00 PM