Mobile Advertising: Personalized Messages in the Palm of your Hand
Dates: March 27, 2008
Times: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Location: Fidelity Investments, 245 Summer Street, 14th Floor Auditorium, Boston, MA 02210
Event Type: BIMA Event
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Moderator: Peter Kim, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
Panelists: Rebecca Barnett, Director, Mobile Ad Sales, The Weather Channel; Brian Colbert, Mobile Advertising Sales, ESPN; Jeff Ostiguy, Vice President of Business Development, g8wave; Melissa Romig, Group Media Director, Carat; Bob Walczak, Founder/CEO, Ringleader Digital

Mobile users are searching the web, transacting commerce, downloading games and video, interacting with marketing campaigns, and experiencing social networking, everything they do online but on their personal broadband and handheld devices. There is no doubt that mobile advertising is uniquely versatile and arguably the most personal of all media – knowing how many people you can reach, how often you can connect with them and how precisely you can target who you're reaching. Mobile advertising promises a powerful opportunity to target messages, whether demographically, behaviorally or by location, for each mobile user.

The channel has remained enigmatic, however, for marketers who are trying to fit mobile into the marketing mix and establish ways of buying and planning mobile media. The fragmentation of the mobile marketing channel, between agencies, content providers, publishers, carriers, and handset manufacturers, leads to this disconnect between unleashing the power of this promising media channel and the ability of marketers to engage with their clients and brands, to sell inventory and to make mobile a successful channel in advertising and marketing budgets.

Join our panel of agencies, publishers, content companies, ad networks and technology providers as they discuss this ever-expanding and puzzling marketing channel. They will offer their approaches to providing greater reach, frequency and targeting, suggestions on simplifying the media buying and planning process, ways to work within the fragmentation and what 2008 can deliver for mobile advertising. 

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Registration: Deadline: March 26, 2008 at 12:00 PM